Artsi Ifrach

Marrakesh, Morocco

I’m an avid admirer of talented people; even more so, those who look to the past in order to create something new. Since there is no parthenogenesis in creativity, I love and respect the people who quote openly -and without qualms- their source of inspiration.

Undoubtedly, one of these people is famed Israeli haute couture designer Artsi Ifrach who lives and works in Marrakesh, from his studio on 96 Rue Mohammedel Beqal in Gueliz. He is the founder of the brand Maison ART/C, based in his adored Marrakesh.

He is daring, alternative, inventive, an ideologist, fanatic colorist and intrepid trailblazer whose creations reflect his unique character.

Internationally acclaimed, he is one of the greatest representatives of Moroccan fashion worldwide, since he participates in Paris Couture week for the past three years; a true artist and a follower of the trend “slow fashion”, he believes in quality over quantity in clothes. So, he recycles fabrics and materials, especially top quality wool from old blankets, old garments and metals, which he reuses and combines in his own signature way.

He believes that every person is different and unique, so his creations are also unique and tailored to each individual, often creating new characters with a touch of freshness and often a hint of elegant humor. His groundbreaking and eccentric creations are deeply rooted in Moroccan tradition and culture, since he respects and pays homage to the past which forms his main source of inspiration.

He is also trying to change the prejudiced way the West sees the hijab and the Muslim women who wear it, by enriching it with colors and patterns, thus showing that fashion can also have a political aspect.

You started from Israel originally (if you like you can talk about your professional course). What brought you to Marrakesh and how many years have you lived there?

I started my fashion career in Amsterdam and from there I moved back to Israel, to create the base my design. After, I moved to Paris, where I understood the value of creativity. And from Paris I moved to Marrakech building a strong DNA to my design and my creativity and after all this journey I evolve 2 years ago ART/C into Maison ARTC with allow me to call myself a true designer.

Talk to me about the selection and collection of the fabrics and raw materials you use in fashioning your creations.

I think I follow my intuition and I collect fabrics from all over the world, especially vintage garments, and when they arrive to my atelier I start to play with them and I start to build my pieces.

Your love for the heritage of civilisations is something I find touching. What stirs you emotionally? Are there some nations you feel especially connected to and/or have affected your work?

Emotionally stirs me culture and artisanal work. I think every place that culture still exist and globalisation din not affected yet is a place that move me and want me and I have a lot of respect for it.

What is the philosophy behind “slow fashion” and what are the possible trends that characterise your collections?

I think slow fashion has the ability of touching individual people and respect them in the same time. The word trend it does exist in my dining universe at it does have a time value.

What kinds of music do you find joyful and inspirational? Can you tell us some song titles or names of artists that arouse similar feelings in you?

I like very much berber music and Arab music and music that come from culture so they have a soul. Tinarawen is a berber band that inspired me very much. Philipe Catto and brasilian singer with a wonderful felling.

You have created the brand Maison ARTC; when was it conceived, what is the basic principle behind it, what has happened till now and what other names participate in the brand?

Maison ARTC was stabilise in 2006 as ART/C in Marrakech, the sole designer and founder is myself. It is a one of a kind pieces all made in the atelier in Marrakech by artisans. It is a unique business with offer for individual as well as selected stores in the world.

How would you describe Maison ARTC and what is the next step you’re planning?

I think is already described and I think my creativity will take me to any step that will come.

ART/C Showroom