Nikos Papadopoulos

Athens, Greece

He lives and works in Athens and gets all his inspiration from the city. He loves his city and its history and he spends hours wandering around it every day. The visual artist Nikos Papadopoulos is undoubtedly one of the most recognized contemporary Greek artists and his success is surely not accidental. Most recently his work has been presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. An artist who insists on detail by creating perfect images using the simplest of materials, pencil, paper and ink. Its technique is based on detail and tranquility, following the ancient Asian tradition. He applies dots the size of sand grain, producing amazing pictures transferring us into an imaginary world. A mix of contemporary pointillism and Asian tradition.

Introduction: Konstantina Melachrinou | Art Historian

The exhibition is the outcome of an eight-year research project which presents the landscape changes that occurred on the Philopappou Hill οr “The City of Rocks”, as it was previously named. The research was based on the methodology of archaeological excavation, but, instead of digging with an axe, it followed the journeys of the plants which inhabit the hill today.

The everyday walks of the artist with his dog motivated this research which was later transformed into an interdisciplinary artistic endeavor, to which botanists, archaeologists and theorists contributed their knowledge. The whole venture ranges chronologically between America’s discovery and the current image of the hill. America’s discovery is highlighted since, when new species of plants and animals were discovered on that continent, the image of the Garden of Eden was redefined; and the contemporary image of the hill, for featuring the characteristics of a garden where the notion of a persistent landscape is undermined, revealing how it was never the same.

The archive material, the drawings and installations collaborate in order to “implant” into the mind of viewer concepts and politics related to globalization which, in this context, is illuminated by the movement and transfer of the plants.

The exhibition is supported theoretically by Fay Zika.

Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Theory of Art at Athens School of Fine Arts.

The exhibition is presented by the Cultural Center of MIET and will be held at Eynard Mansion from 09/05/18 until 28/07/18.

More information about the artist you can find on his website: